The brains behind runaway hits such as PokémonGO and Ingress contacted Upperquad to create a website for their business. We thought this was an opportunity to concept a website that alluded to the ideas of 3D and Augmented Reality in its design. Also, as a personal note, I love Pokémon and it was cool to help some of the people who bring one of my favorite things to life.

Check the site out here

01 — The Website
We were responsible for refreshing the brand graphics and we wanted to allude to the augmented reality and how 3D objects manifest themselves in space and from this we derived layered design to convey this concept.
02 — Form and Function
We were also responsible to create graphics that represented the history and diversity in their business.
03 — Features
More than an exposé for products and design, we designed functional pages on a CMS for them to use as blog, news, press, and recruiting tools to further develop their business.