Le Tote

The fashion start up Le Tote offers a program to help women curate their wardrobes and have premium styles delivered right to their homes. They engaged us at Upperquad to redesign their entire shopping experience and it was a challenge we willfully accepted.

01 — The Language
Utilizing their already great photography assets we paired their imagery with a typography, iconography, and color palette that balanced modernity, confidence, femininity to convey the brands approachability
02 — Website
We wanted the site to feel premium but approachable and we took great care to make sure that the website educated the user every step of the way while keeping in touch with best web practices and modern styling. We also made great care to make sure the site worked on responsive platforms.
03 — Innovating e-commerce
We also stepped away from conservative e-commerce set up to create something that was ultimately more useful to the end user. We also were responsible for overhauling their product and onboarding experience.